To Qualify as a New Real Estate Agent

Our last post summarized the significant changes to the new Real Estate Law, going into effect on 1/1/2017 – with thanks to LLR and SCR for the summary information. For the next several posts, we would now like to drill down into the specifics as relates to the individual Real Estate Salesperson.

There will be no “Provisional Salesman” status. Today, one has to pass a 60 hour Pre-License course and then can take the state exam. When the state exam is passed, the person is a Provisional Salesman and can begin the practice of real estate. The Provisional Salesman then has 12 months to take the 30 hour Post-License course to receive their final Salesman license. Beginning in January, 2017, one must take and pass both the Pre-License and an Advanced Real Estate Principles (essentially the old Post License course) before taking the state exam. Therefore, one must take the total 90 hours before taking the state exam. Upon passing the state exam, you would then be a full Salesperson and allowed to practice real estate. Of course, nothing has changed in that a Salesperson must be affiliated with a broker-in-charge in order to practice real estate.

A person who is a Provisional Salesman by the end of 2016 is grandfathered into the old process. They still have 12 months to take the Post License course, now Advanced Real Estate Principles, to complete their requirements.

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