Student Agreement

Student Enrollment Agreement

For Specified Course

This is an agreement between the Carolinas Academy of Real Estate (the School), located at 2260 Boiling Springs Road, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, and the Student (below). This course will be offered to applicants who are a minimum age of 18, have a high school diploma (or certificate of equivalency) and are lawfully present and eligible to work in the United States. This agreement will constitute the complete understanding and agreement of the following terms and conditions.

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Complete Legal Name                                                            Social Security Number



  • The School shall provide the student the “Specified Course” consisting of instruction as prescribed by The Real Estate Commission of the South Carolina License Law & Regulations. Upon successful completion of this course, the School will provide the Student with an original course completion certificate as approved by the Real Estate Commission. A final exam may be given and the student will pass with at least a grade of 70%. If required, a Student will be allowed to take a make-up examination at a time agreed to by the School and the Student. If Student does not pass the make-up examination, the Student will not pass this course.
  • Student agrees to pay the School a tuition of “Fee for Specified Course” for this course and acknowledges that said tuition is non-refundable once the class commences.
  • The School’s Refund Policy is as follows: No refund will be given to “no shows” or after a Student attends any part of the course. The Student may transfer their registration to another before the start of the course for a transfer fee pf $50.00. Students who do not show up for a class may attend the same unit in subsequent courses at no additional cost, up to six months from the date of the course for which the Student originally enrolled. A $35.00 return check fee and/or declined credit card transaction will be added to return checks and/or declined credit card transactions. South Carolina law requires 100% attendance of the entire course, with no exceptions. The Student also acknowledges that, upon any default of tuition payment, student further agrees to pay all costs associations with the collection of the defaulted payment.
  • The course is scheduled for “Number of Hours for Specified Course”, will begin on “Specific Date for Specified Course” and end on “Specific Date for Specified Course”. Meeting times will vary depending on the Specified Course”
  • The School reserves the right to postpone or cancel the course. Should the course be postponed for more than four weeks, or should meeting times and/or days be changed, the student, at their request, shall be entitled to a full refund of all tuition paid.

The Student and the School affirm, by signing below, that they have read the enrollment agreement and agree to abide by the same.